Studio Services

Wardrobe Editing

A closet full of new clothes but nothing to wear? We have a knack for re-mixing existing pieces in fresh ways. We’ll work with your budget (and your personality) to revive your closet and identify missing staple items you can buy at multiple price points.

Personal Styling & Shopping

Shopping smart takes time and effort. Let our expert team lead the hunt for new additions to your wardrobe. We are skilled at finding new pieces each season at multiple price points.


The Studio has tons of experience buying for retail and works with boutiques and shops regularly. Get in touch for more information about buying + merchandising rates.

Remote Styling

The Studio can come to you. If travel isn’t feasible, we can style and shop for you remotely. After a preliminary phone consultation to assess your needs, we’ll create a unique fashion profile and send you outfit ideas complete with links to shop.


Does packing stress you out? Let us handle the task of curating vacation outfits for you. We’ll fill your suitcase with exactly what you need to feel confident and relaxed on your trip.

Gift Cards + Packages

Our gift cards + packages are a thoughtful gift for the girl or guy who has it all. Give them the gift that keeps on giving: feeling confident in their clothes.

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